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Double Press Hydraulic Interlocking Block Machine

Hydraulically compress soil that contains a smallamount of clay and silt mixed with cement into soil         cement blocks. When cured, the blocks can be dry-stacked with no mortar. Interlocking stabilized soil block machine


REVA soil cement interlocking blocks lock front and back, top and bottom so each block is dry stacked

 and locked into place. The unique drystacking building system uses mortar in the first few courses and      the top 3-4 courses. The rest of the super structure is drystacked representing significant savings in                                                                                                           time and construction costs. Interlocking stabilized soil block machine


The machine is inclusive of a diesel motor (electric available), hydraulic power pack including cylinders, compression chamber, pre-compacting top gate assembly


Production          : 2000 to 2500 blocks per day (8hours)

Forming cycle    : 12-20s

Forming way      : Hydraulic press and Demoulding

Power source :  Electric motor 5HP OR  Diesel Engine 9.5 HP

Features          :  Easy operation, hydraulic press, easy transportation

Products          : Interlock blocks ,paver